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A set of postcards featuring Valparaiso Streets, Squares, Lookout points


9 sheets 22 x 14 cm with watercolor illustrations. Cover with a descriptive text in two languages, Spanish and English.

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Valparaiso is definitely a special city. It has a port that witnessed sea battles, pirates, and the arrival of colonists from Europe and North America. The first pier in the country was built here.

During the nineteenth century it was the center of important trade routes, which attracted large numbers of immigrants, creating a boom and a rapid increase of the population. The city grew by extending its streets through steep hills, in most cases, the result of clever cunning and improvisation.
The narrow strip of land between the sea and the hills was filled in order to create new land for construction. After the earthquake in 1906, city was almost ruined, the entire lower part of the city was redesigned; mainly its principal avenues and squares, thereby adapting it to the growth of a thriving cosmopolitan port.

City has unique architecture, which reflects the influences of styles and lifestyles of its first inhabitants. The city manages to keep in its streets, squares, alleys and the air of those old times. Occasionally, you can see a trolley or a person riding a donkey selling milk.
To walk through Valparaiso, is to absorb its unique fusion between the old and the modern times,the glittering and the decadent as well as its poverty. It is a place that sometimes is absurd and always surprising. If you do not know the city, it is impossible to guess what comes next: it can be endless stairs, steep hills which houses seem to reach the sky, or a crevice bordering of the gulf and the blue sea.

The illustrations are made by Tatiana Zentsova using watercolor technique.


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