About Us

WE BELIEVE in a better world
WE WISH TO DISCOVER many beautiful realities that surround us
WE PROPOSE to share valuable natural, cultural and historical heritage that we have inherited
WE TRUST that today's children is our tomorrow
WE THINK that if we induce respect and admiration for our planet, the earth will be gratefull to its inhabitants
Tatiana Zentsova was born in Russia in 1968. Her childhood was spent in Siberia. She began to paint there. Then she moved to Ukraine, where she continued her artistic training and received a degree in architecture.
Since 1994, she lives in Chile. She's engaged in painting, architecture, design, illustration.
She paints with watercolor, oil, and ancient technique of the Renaissance: combination of the oil with egg gouache. Also uses other means: gouache, graphite pencil, charcoal, Chinese ink.
Since 2014 is part of lagartijas with many projects in development.


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